A Balanced pH to Control Pain: The Alkaline Diet

Alkaline Diet

Alkaline Diet: Evils such as muscle cramps, inflammation, stiffness, joint pain, difficult recovery after exercise, extreme fatigue, can be prevented with an alkaline diet. Just sink your teeth into food that reduces the acidity in your metabolism and voila!

The Benefits of Deacidification

The exercise involves an increased use of minerals, in addition to the losses generated by sweating. In addition, lack of hydration is associated with overconsumption of protein, especially red meats. Cold meats, liquid eggs whites, canned tuna and protein powder of low quality produce a lot of uric waste. All this clutter in the body, leads to acidity.

Note that the cramps are often caused by a deficiency of minerals, particularly magnesium. This is an important element, which acts on the muscle contraction and relaxation. That is why magnesium supplements are often prescribed to patients who lead a very active life. A decrease in the number of cramps and stiffness is often noticed in a matter of a few days! Magnesium, combined with proper hydration and an alkaline diet, helps reduce fatigue both physically and mentally. That is quite convincing!

How to Know the Threshold of Acidity?

If we monitor the pH of our urine, then we should also keep an eye on the pH of our body. How to measure its acidity? Indicator colors, sold in health food stores, can easily evaluate the pH of urine. The normal body pH should be around 7.4.How to get there? By eating foods low in acids. Food which tastes acidic does not necessarily mean that it is a food that acidifies your body. The best example is Lemon! Metabolic reactions produced during digestion should also be taken into account.

For the acid-base load of food, rely on PRAL, an acronym for Potential Renal Acid Load. Choose foods that have a good indicator. PRAL says that a good acid-base balance is usually between -2 and 2. On their website we can see an array of foods that are most commonly consumed with their nutrition index PRAL.

Alkaline diet foods, a powerful Prevention Tool

Food which are commonly found in our menu include meat, cold cuts, cheese ripened (brie, cheddar, etc.), wheat, corn, soy, alcohol, refined products, and all packaged meals and foods with chemical additives. These contribute to increase in acidity in our body.

Beyond a certain threshold, it is worrisome. Indeed, recent studies have shown that excess acidity in the body causes muscle wasting, kidney stones, hypertension, inflammation, gout, fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

If we do not know our needs, we cannot fill our gaps. To listen to our body, is the starting point. Be aware of your body reactions (energy, weight, bloating, gas, irritability, cramps, etc.) after eating a particular food. You will come to know which ones should be preferred and which ones to o avoid eating. We should not eat by constantly referring to the theory and keeping in mind a list of foods to banish. It is important to be attentive to our needs, physiological, emotional and sensory. Healthy eating should never be a chore – it is a momentum that comes from within. The first step towards healthy eating is to realize that your body is precious. Learn to appreciate and respect your body.

Six tips for less acid in your body

  1. Water, water, water! Drink in the morning at fasting and between meals.
  2. Incorporate a maximum of alkaline foods in your diet such as fruits, vegetables and sprouts (sunflower sprouts or radish, alfalfa, etc.).There is nothing better than them for a good mineralization.
  3. Try to avoid processed foods, as they often contain preservatives, colorings, monosodium glutamate and huge quantities of salt (sodium chloride). This cluttering will acidify your metabolism. You do not need it if you aim for vitality!
  4. You want a good steak? Go for it! Take care, however, to choose a meat free of antibiotics, derived from small farms, and balance this portion of red meat with salad, grilled vegetables or raw vegetables! Then you can eat guilt-free!
  5. In terms of acidity, ripened cheese is a champion. Just like a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate, you should consider it as a pleasure of the table. Enjoy it with pleasure but occasionally!
  6. We underestimate the harmful effects of stress, yet it is one of the main agents responsible for acidification of the body. When you feel the pressure rising, take a walk, take a breath of fresh air!

Healthy breakfast and alkaline diet plan

In a large bowl, mix the following ingredients:

  • Blueberries (this little fruit is a source of vitality because of the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and enzymes that it contains);
  • Plain yogurt with 2% fat with honey, if necessary, as yogurt is a great source of quality protein;
  • Ground flaxseed (source of fiber and good fats);
  • Unrefined whole grains (spelled millet, rice, quinoa, etc). Several varieties are available.

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