Cinnamon, a Spice with Multiple Healthy Effects

Cinnamon, a Spice with Multiple Healthy Effects

Cinnamon has a long history behind it. As one of the oldest spices known, its mention is found even in Sanskrit and in the Bible before it found its way on our plates today.

Cinnamon is grown all over the world, however, cinnamon from Sri Lanka is considered the best. There is also Ceylon cinnamon of tan color, which has sticks with very thin layers, and that of China, a darker red variety, which are thicker sticks.

Cinnamon is perfect for the approaching winter. We should all check our reserve stock of this spice so as not to miss and be deprived of its invigorating and purifying powers.

Cinnamon is Antiviral

It is a fact that good toddy warms us and hunts down microbes when it is added with a touch of cinnamon. Indeed, cinnamon warms the body in cold weather by stimulating blood circulation. It‘s antibacterial properties help us fight colds, flu and bronchitis.

Antiseptic Cinnamon

Bactericidal, cinnamon has a very long tradition behind it. Indeed, its versatile antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-infective properties, with a very broad spectrum of action and powerful action, can destroy 98 % of pathogenic bacteria. No wonder cinnamon is part of the process of embalming in ancient Egypt.

Anti-Fatigue Cinnamon

Thanks to its digestive property, cinnamon gives us the impression of having more energy. Digestion consumes a lot of energy in our system. Cinnamon is regarded as anti-fatigue because it makes digestion easier. Because of this fact, consumption of cinnamon is encouraged!

Cure for Type 2 Diabetes?

New studies announce that cinnamon would be effective against diabetes, because it would affect blood sugar. It lowers blood sugar by making it more sensitive to insulin. Preliminary research suggests that the constituent of cinnamon, méthylhydroxychalcone, improves the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

Sensual Cinnamon

Its slightly exotic smell, warm, sweet and hot taste awakens the senses. It is stimulating and aphrodisiac at the same time. Many rituals and even the love potion of Tristan and Isolde contain cinnamon.

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