Good and Healthy Food Combinations

It is true that different food groups, which are combined together, perform better than others do

Healthy Food Combinations

Healthy Food Combinations: To digest more energy and feel better, simply combine or separate certain food groups in their use and it can give you a good boost. Make it a habit of combining what is in your approach and it will become a routine that is easily applicable in our everyday lives. It is true that different food groups, which are combined together, perform better than others do. By knowing this, you will find it easy to respect these combos of health!

The Benefits of Combining Food

Mixtures of incompatible foods weigh down the body, increase the digestion time, make the body tired and causes digestive troubles. Conversely, a good association promotes improved digestion and better assimilation of nutrients. Among the followers of food combinations, it has been observed that there is a loss of some digestive problems such as intestinal putrefaction and fermentation.

The right combinations promote bowel movements. Since digestion is better, therefore you get a less tired body. Thus, you will have more energy, sleep better, stay calmer and are less irritated. In addition, it also cleans the blood and strengthens the immune system and intestinal flora, preventing the coup of seasonal infections. By equating the best food, you will clog your body less.

Easy to Understand

To understand this approach, here are the different food groups with whom you can juggle to create your meal.


A) Vegetables: lettuce, cabbage family, asparagus, broccoli, peppers, radishes, beets, carrots or turnips raw, etc.

B) Protein

  • Animal protein: meat, fish, seafood, eggs and dairy products
  • Plant proteins: nuts, tofu, vegetables, etc.

C) Starches: whole grain cereals, rice, millet, barley, pasta, bread, turnips, potatoes, corn, cooked squash, cooked carrots, parsnips, etc.

Good combinations

A + B (animal)
A + B (plant)
A + C

Vegetables are the food mat that can be associated with all other groups.


  • More animal proteins in the same meal.
  • Added sauces to foods.
  • Added sugar or fruit juices.
  • Mix in the same meal of starchy fruits and vegetables.
  • Intake of sugars with starches and starchy fruits and vegetable.
  • Sugars, pastries, cakes, coffee, soft or energy drinks at all costs.

Good shots!

  • Vitamin C helps the absorption of iron from plants. So, a salad of spinach will be more profitable if you eat it with a good source of vitamin C such as red peppers or tomatoes.
  • Vitamin D helps calcium absorption.


F1) The semi-acid fruit: Berries summer, peach, apricot, cherry, raspberry, blueberry, pear, plum and apple (Empire, Macintosh, etc.).

F2) Soft fruits: Dried fruit, banana, mango, papaya, apple Delicious apple or golden yellow, etc.

F3) Acids fruits: Pineapple, the family of citrus (orange, grapefruit, lemon, clementine, etc.), Granny Smith apple, strawberry, tomato and kiwi.

Good combinations

F1 + F2
F1 + F3

The fruit acids become semi-mat who marry the same with fruit acids that sweet fruit with good fruit salad. Remember! The fruits should not be eaten as dessert or with a meal. A nutritionist suggests eating them half an hour before meals or snacks. According to clinical experiences, in the combinations of food, one of the major problems encountered is when the fruit is consumed in the beginning or end of the meal as that is when they ferment. Ideally, fruit should be taken as exclusive meals, so they can quickly leave the stomach, where they spend very little time, and then move into the small intestine, instead of their normal digestion.

It is sometimes difficult to apply this rule daily. When people decide to take charge and change their lifestyle, they are not hesitant to share their fresh fruit for a piece of cake or pastry like they used to and feel less discomfort.

Separate classes

  • Melons do not mix with other fruits because they contain a special enzyme. It is a good idea to eat them as a starter, 20 minutes before a meal. They are very succulent, especially in summers
  • Cucumber is a loner and should be eaten alone.

Appropriate Food Combinations

While visions purists advocate a strict adherence to these rules, it is also possible to alleviate the process. You may be a little less strict in deciding your dominant base. For example, you can make a meal with a dominant starch (pasta), which is accompanied by vegetables and a minor in animal protein (some tofu). This approach is often more satisfactory for most people. The combinations are actually due to a single power supply, which must first learn to choose foods.

It is impossible to change all our habits overnight. Instead of immediately drinking coffee on an empty stomach, which can be too acidic, try taking green tea or herbal tea and push coffee up to 10 h after a nice protein breakfast.

More about Food Combinations

Food combinations offer benefits every time and it may be interesting to apply them more diligently during certain periods, such as premenstrual week, and during heat waves or winter when there is a lack of energy and t our digestive system is idle.

Also, the food combinations can help alleviate some health problems (indigestion, heart disease, etc.). It is necessary to consult a health professional individually if you want a more specific treatment. The approach will not be the same for everyone.

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