Healthy Diets: Lose Weight and Keep It Off

Burn more than 100 calories per day and lose 10 pounds a year!

Healthy Diets

Healthy Diets: There are so many fad diets on the market today, but is it really a good way to lose weight? Most diet programs promise you unrealistic weight loss and to being too quickly suggest you to disproportionately reduce your daily dietary intake.

This method is strongly discouraged, as it always causes a slowing of metabolism and, consequently, weight gain. Who wants that? Nine times out of ten, those who followed such diets regain the lost weight in fact they gain even more weight!

The only way to lose weight and keep it off is to improve their lifestyle for good by eating less and moving more. In summary, the number of calories you eat during the day should be less than the number of calories you spend; it’s as simple as that!

For example, if you eat 100 calories less, or if you spend 100 calories more each day for a year, you lose 10 pounds! Do the math: One pound is 3500 calories, and 100 fewer calories multiplied by 365 days equals 36,500 calories, equivalent to the loss of a dozen pounds. Do you think that one year is too long? It’s not so long to lose weight safely while being sure not to gain it back. You will have the time to plan a new wardrobe

Either you Eat Less, or you Spend More!

100 calories per day is not much, eat only half, instead of a whole donut or drink only half instead of a full bottle of soft drink and you will easily eliminate 100 calories in a day. You do not want to change your diet or count calories? Then do 20 minutes of physical activity every day, equivalent to an energy expenditure of 100 calories for someone who weighs 150 pounds, and you will get the same result.

Most people who gain weight do exactly the opposite. Slowly, without thinking, they consume slightly more calories each day without increasing their physical activity. There is no need of a miracle or a pill to lose weight rather it is a simple matter of math and common sense!

What Good News!

Did you know that the energy expenditure of exercise is cumulative? It is not necessary to do 20 minutes of physical activity at once; you can split the effort into two periods of ten minutes or four periods of five minutes.

Did you know you do not need to reserve a special time of your day and practice only specific exercises? An informal approach is to use several types of physical activity such as housework, walking, gardening, etc. that, can be just as effective. Small, simple changes in your everyday life will help you burn a hundred more calories each day.

Here are some Suggestions for Losing Weight

At work

  • Rather than sending an email to your boss or a coworker, get up and deliver your messages in person as often as possible.
  • Take the stairs instead of elevators.
  • Bring your lunch and use the time you otherwise spend waiting at the restaurant to window shop or walk around.
  • During your break, take a walk outside, issue a change of scenery!

At Home

  • Walk your dog, this will be a real 20-minute walk. It will be good for you and your dog will be very grateful.
  • Dust, vacuum, wash floors, etc. Most household chores can help your in burning 100 calories in 20 minutes.
  • Post dinner, go for a walk with good company and take the opportunity to admire the sunset. You will sleep better!
  • Talking on the phone? Walk around the house when talking or try doing some work at the same time.
  • Make a detour to get to the mailbox and back.
  • If possible, go to work by bike. Your regular route will be more enjoyable!

You see, it is not that difficult! If you thought, like many others, it was impossible to incorporate some physical activity into your everyday life because of your busy schedule, think again! Follow these tips and before you know it, you will gradually lose weight and you’ll like it!

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