Lose Weight, Say Goodbye to Weight Loss Diet!

Weight Loss Diet

Weight Loss Diet: It is unfortunate that so many women are obsessed with thinness and spend their life with a distorted body image, while trying to reach a beauty ideal that represents only 5% of the population. Diets based on long-term food restriction are ineffective. Here is a different vision.

The Futility of Dieting

Diets are ineffective in the long term and even increase the risk of weight gain. Take for example the diet that encourages people to cut carbohydrates from their diets. The brain is glucose-dependent. When you remove the carbs, it draws on the reserves of muscle. You lose weight on the scale, but you lose muscle and not fat. Therefore you burn fewer calories, since there is less muscle.

The body then increases its fat reserves to prevent a future period of restriction. Going on a diet is to admit that our body is not correct and it needs changing. Since diets do not work, we accumulate failures and our self-esteem goes down.

Solutions to the Endless Cycle of Weight Loss Diet

It would be best never to start a diet. This is why it is good for parents to talk with their children. However, those who are reading this article are probably already caught in the cycle of dieting. So stop believing in the food restriction as a means of weight loss and reintegrate adequate food in your daily intake.

We must begin by thinking of bringing back to the body the fuel it needs by reinstating foods from the four food groups. We must also move to tell our body that it can start to build muscle mass and consequently speed up their metabolism.

To achieve this, we must stop believing in diets and learn to trust. It means that we can do what we want to do with our bodies and decide how we look and who cares what the society thinks. You will learn to treat yourself through diet, again by learning to meet your needs and listen to your hunger signals and satiety. To achieve this, we must find out why you stopped listening. Then you can re-educate your body. When you have made it through three quarters of your plate, stop and ask yourself if you’re still hungry. In addition to that, take a few minutes to relax between meals and ask you if you’re hungry. You should eat a manner consistent with the signals that your body sends to you and respect the preferences for pre booking / reserve the pleasure of eating.

It is important to adopt healthy habits that are realistic and consistent with your well-being, because these habits will be quite pleasant to be maintained long term.

The Origins of this Obsession with Thinness

The relationship we develop with food is built from birth. When we are small, we are told our parents when we are no longer hungry. However, as soon as we are told to clean the plate or not to overeat, it begins to be influenced by external controls.

The pressure of society also accentuates the obsession with thinness. Just think of the female models that are seen on the television. The model of the ideal woman is not in accordance with bodies of most women.

The Adverse Effects of the Obsession with Thinness

Being obsessed with thinness leads to the adoption of unhealthy behaviors, as when listening to what others tell us, we lose touch with what our body wants. These external controls that are imposed on us by others and that we, while undertaking to eat at a specific time, classify foods into two categories: those that are permitted and those are not, and rely on a trusted person to choose the size of our portions. This causes many people to cut essential nutrients.

How to Change Things without Dieting

We must begin by introducing new models to young people, particularly on television. The company does not encourage children to trust themselves. As a kid, we listen to the adults who are influenced by external controls, so we lose the habit of trusting. This combined with the external controls as we age in to adolescence requires us to keep further checks to ourselves because of the pressure to lose weight is imposed by society. You end up not knowing when you are hungry and when you are not. Parents should trust their child when he/she says he/she is hungry and warn then against the dangers of dieting.

Review your perception of what a healthy weight is and give yourself realistic goals. You will perhaps lose less weight than a diet, but at least you do not gain weight again. By replacing your diet gradually by new habits and attitudes more compatible with your health, you get closer to your natural weight.

How to Lose Weight without Dieting?

  • Do not rely on messages conveyed by television in terms of food.
  • Stop taking general advice. You should obtain advice tailored specifically for you.
  • Listen to what your body tells you.

Some Myths that you Should Stop Believing

  • You must cut on the bread, pasta and potatoes, because they are fattening.
  • That thinness is synonymous with health.
  • Women on TV represent an ideal of beauty.
  • The thin, have good habits and the big have bad habits.

Eating Well

  • To have confidence and be attentive to your dietary needs.
  • Take pleasure in the taste and smell of the food.
  • Eat foods from the four food groups so that your diet is balanced and varied.
  • Assess the level of hunger before you start eating and level of fullness before continuing to eat whatever food type.
  • Make healthy foods more accessible than less nutritious food, without exaggeration, that is to say without them and refrain without giving them special emotional value.
  • Consider the messages circulating about the food critically.

In closing, it is incorrect to focus on weight as if it is all that matters. Weight does not define us at 100%. We must love each other more. It is possible to live healthy without counting calories.

Weight is only one of many determinants of health. The lifestyle is just as crucial. We must therefore think more about healthy habits and think less about our weight. You should also tell young people “I followed a diet my whole life and I am fat because it does not work.”


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