Low Carb Snacks: Munch Food, Crunch Calories!

Low Carb Snacks

Low carb snacks come into the picture between the big meals of the day, at a time when the stomach grumbles but dinner time is many hours away! Whatever we eat, we watch our calories. Whether a lunch or an outdoor dinner meeting, we are conscious of the food and the amount of it that goes into us, making note of any excessively fat-food and mentally calculating the calorie over-load! While on a diet to turn slimmer or in the midst of an exhaustive exercise regime, one appreciates the perils of calorie overload and how tough it is to shed them off!

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This situation is quite common to most of us, as we spend hours in hunger waiting for the next mealtime, as we have been forbidden to eat anything extra which pours calories. An ideal diet can be planned for such times, which is less on the calories and more in the hunger-satisfying realm.

Low carb snacks are the key to such mid-meal food ideas as they can be munched upon happily without the worry of piling on the calories, rendering those strict diet and exercise regimes waste. These low carb snacks can be tasty and appealing, like the turkey and cheese roll-ups, the peanut butter and celery stick combination, the avocado and shrimp cocktail and nuts, to name a few.You can also try some healthy muffin along with low carb snacks to bring in more variety making it more healthy & delicious.

Swap those calorie-loaded drinks with the healthy soy latte, which is delightful in taste and brings very less calories with it. An ideal low carb snack must be high on protein and fiber and low on fat. Some easy snacks that are healthy and low on fat are celery with peanut butter or tuna salad, a quarter cup of cottage cheese and berries, raw vegetables with spinach dips, smoked salmon and cream cheese, mushrooms with cheese spread and low carb bars.

There is often a misconception that sugar free snacks would help you fight off weight gain, whereas the empty calories actually do make you gain weight. On the contrary, loading your plate with fiber-laden foodstuffs and vegetables which are fresh and have lots of water in them keeps you from feeling bloated. Munching on snacks is when most of us forget out diet rules, so it is better to munch on crunchy carrots, fruits or oatmeal instead of chips or fries. Even in salads, it is good to go easy on the dressing or reduce the fatty substances such as mayonnaise.

Some other delicious low carb snacks include green beans cooked with lemon juice, tomato and mozzarella salad, fresh berries with yoghurt, cheese and pepperoni, hard boiled eggs and snap peas with Caesar dressing. One can choose from this vast list according to their taste! These foods are healthy, low on the ‘bad’ fat and are perfect replacements to the unhealthy chips, cookies and candies. These foods are common snacks, though load on the calories and are of little nutritional value. The above-mentioned exhaustive list of low carb snacks is high in fiber and also on nutrition value, with carbohydrates having low glycemic indexes and the fats being heart-friendly.

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