Making a Healthy Diet a Lifestyle

Today we will talk about some ways to increase your bodies’ ability to heal itself just by having a healthy diet.

Healthy Diet a Lifestyle

A healthy diet is not just for a few weeks or months but it should be a lifestyle we all choose. Meaning you have a healthy view on food and choose to eat healthy options everyday. To have a healthy diet you should be in taking a wide variety of food because all different types of food have different types of nutrients the body needs to function healthy and even heal itself. The body is a beautiful machine that is more than capable of healing itself, if it is supplied with the right nutrients on a regular basis. But if we are feeding it lots of processed foods full of chemicals and preservatives it has a lower and lower possibility to heal itself because it is those chemicals that help cause the diseases in the first place.

So if we choose a healthy diet then we can help prevent and even reverse some bad things happening inside the body. Today we will talk about some ways to increase your bodies’ ability to heal itself just by having a healthy diet.

Fruits and vegetables

The best way to help keep yourself from sickness or reverse it is with a healthy diet, it is vital to include lots of fruits and vegetables because so many of them are full of vital nutrients that aid in fighting sickness, stress and of course weight loss. First we will start with avocados, which are high in gluthione, which is an antioxidant that fights against free radicals in the body. It blocks the absorption of certain unhealthy fats. More healthy veggies to add to your daily life are broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage. All of these contain indole 3-carbinol, which aids against breast cancer because that chemical turns the cancer promoting estrogen into the protective variety of estrogen. They also aid in the fight again colon, and rectal cancer. As well as carrots because of their beta-carotene, which helps the eyes but also, reduces the risk of lung, throat, mouth, intestine, breast, stomach, prostate and bladder. also peppers and things are also very nutritious for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Peppers like chili and jalapenos contain a chemical that actually neutralizes some cancer causing substances and also aids in the prevention of stomach cancer. Some other great healthy options are things like nuts, mushrooms, oranges, lemons, limes, papayas, raspberries, seaweed, and sea vegetables. Even red wine is a great thing to add to your diet. Of course moderation is key but it is a healthy way to add antioxidants in a way that lots of people enjoy this means about a glass a day is acceptable because wine contains alcohol that actually can cause liver damage and other things. So make sure to use moderation when adding this healthy treat.


Also so good additives to a healthy diet are spices like garlic (fresh is best), rosemary, cumin, turmeric, flax and ginger. This is just a small list of some flavorful and healthy spices that can aid in digestion as well as in fighting antioxidants in the body. Also some spices to avoid are things like too much salt and overly spicy food; those things can cause things like ulcers and weight gain as well as aid in some other diseases.


Last but not least are the proteins, you can get protein from many sources, and many people know the most common are from meat, poultry and fish which are all good sources of that. Although you should moderate your intake of red meat to once a week if possible because of the fats and because the body has a hard time breaking down large amounts of red meat. Some other alternative proteins are tofu, a soy byproduct that is full of great proteins. Another great proteins are beans as well as nuts which have lots of protein but also some great fats that are good for the heart and skin but be careful not to eat too many because they are very high in calorie and wont aid in weight loss if too many are consumed. Another great source of protein is cheese. So there was a list of some great things to incorporate into your diet. Try to also make sure that the most of what you eat is raw or only slightly cooked. The more fresh and alive the ingredients are the more nutrients they contain. So take the step to a healthy diet and a healthy life.


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