Vegetarian Diet, Eat Vegetarian Food Without Getting Tired

Vegetarian Diet

Vegetarian Diet: Today, vegetarianism interested everyone. There are millions of vegetarians in the West and the number continues to grow. Full time or part time, 20,000 Americans say yes to vegetarian foods every week. There is no one, nowhere, who did ask, finally, serious questions about vegetarianism. Why?

Basically for two reasons. First, it has irrefutable evidence that the plants are an absolute requirement of health and longevity. Secondly, you cannot refute the obvious fact that animal products are lack in fiber content, contain excess saturated fat and cholesterol and the unfortunate contamination by bacteria, viruses and are the cause of several diseases.

We, therefore, think more carefully to exploit the vast resources of the plant area. For cons, the idea of having to directly feed the soil, whole and unprocessed foods decided that scares are most reluctant and afraid of having to spend hours now in cooking, so they already have little free time and are tired… It was fear of not knowing how to do it and also missed something.

Vegetarian diet – The food pyramid

Given the urgency of reducing cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes, U.S. nutritionists have developed what they called “Guide to the food pyramid.” While the food groups, in vogue until then, insisted on the quality of food consumed at each meal, food pyramid visually imposing amount of food ate each day.

At the base of this pyramid, tough to locate a complex carbohydrates and not, as formerly, protein. Bread, pasta and whole grains are cooked foods that build health and really make robust body. Followed by, almost equally, fruits and vegetables – both raw and cooked, then, as in all traditional cuisines, the foods that are more concentrated in protein and fat: nuts, seeds and legumes, which are excellent sources of fiber and vegetable protein and are free of cholesterol. At the top of the pyramid, therefore in very small quantities, were the confined oils, fats, salt and sugar.

Basis of veggie eating

Eating veggie cannot be simpler than that. At the base of the menu, at the forefront of the meal and at the center of the plate: bread (complete), pasta and cereals (unrefined) and potatoes (in their skins). Drink water in good quantity. Without remorse and without the fear of becoming fat. This will result in optimal energy and an enviable shape.

For those who believe that fast food is a great invention of our century, the bread is the first fast food for several millennia, and it’s very, very long time that entire populations, pressed by an overwhelming work, break the crust to rebuild their forces and continue their efforts with courage.

And why not reinvent the sandwich? A pan-bagnat, for example, is round bread dipped in olive oil and garnished with salad of tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives and green beans. Or may be a pita: filled with fresh vegetables or cooked sprouts and cooked chickpeas.

Ensuring the quality of bread that must be complete and in varying trim (hummus, tofu, puffs and cereals) and vegetables (mixed salad greens – watercress, mache, arugula, alfalfa sprouts – carrots, red cabbage, celery grated kohlrabi). We can make a balanced meal, which is healthy and nutritious and will allow us, as the Earl of Sandwich, not to lose time away from our major concern.

Fast food

Do you believe that? Me too. What is faster, while staying healthier than cooked whole wheat pasta, prepare them with a tomato sauce or with grilled vegetables? You decorate a green salad and tofu (a source of protein quick to prepare), and have a full meal, which is balanced and good for health. The sauce is ready and the tofu too. Vegetables (peppers, eggplant, zucchini, fennel, etc.) are roasted in the oven for 15 minutes. Delicious, simple, easy and economic.

What excuse do you have left there for not eating vegetarian? Couscous with vegetables and chickpeas… What’s tastier, more balanced and more abundant? Whole wheat couscous, canned chickpeas and root vegetables cooked in a vegetable broth. These all are fuming and ready to serve in 40 minutes.

The abundance at your fingertips

We now have access to a wide choice of food that makes vegetarian cooking: canned and cooked beans, crushed cereal, flakes, semolina, flour, packed in a packet that cooks quickly and is suitable for a variety of simple preparations: soups, pies, pancakes, biscuits etc. It should also add taste to the meat substitutes, gluten or soy hot dogs, hamburgers, meatballs, mock meat. These are not harder or longer to prepare than the “real” soymilk: No need to manufacture it! They come in many varieties at the corner store, either plain or flavored.

Eating vegetarian is easier than ever. There are excellent bakeries that produce breads of wheat, rye, spelt, olives, herbs, dried tomatoes, flax seeds or sesame. All grocery stores offer whole pasta, brown rice, barley, buckwheat, millet and corn grits.

Countless canned legumes give us plenty of choices to choose from: lentils, kidney beans, black, white beans, chickpeas etc. In the green grocers, fruit stands and vegetables are a delight for the eyes, both in summer and winter. Live salads, soups, sauces, stews and purees, too bad, but it is impossible to eat more than three times a day…

The abundance and diversity of the plant kingdom are fascinating. Tastes, colors, shapes, textures are infinitely varied. You can eat raw, crisp or cooked. The possibilities of cooking adds flavor to the diversity. Do not waste time, dare and try it. Without getting tired or breaking your head, think of eating vegetarian at least once a day.


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