What Surprising Thing Happens When You Eliminate Sugar?

Eliminate Sugar

Eliminate Sugar: Some years ago, I decided to try the GAPS diet to see if it improved my health.

Though the diet is wonderful for some, I discovered that it’s not for me. It did, however, give me the opportunity to experience something very interesting – living with zero sugar.

During the early stages of the GAPS diet, you aren’t allowed fruit and the only permitted sweetener is honey. Not being a fan of honey, I ended up eliminating sugar completely from my diet. Not a single sweet treat for days on end.

You’d think I’d be suffering, but no. Just the opposite. All interest in eating sweet treats dwindled to nothing.

You know how it is that at some point during the day you feel you need a little sweet fix? It sends you to the cupboards looking for some (good quality) chocolate or makes you plan to meet a friend for (all natural) ice cream. While on GAPS, that urge completely disappeared. My son, who did GAPS with me, reported the same thing. One day he found himself sitting beside a big bowl of candy bars and noticed that he wasn’t even tempted. My son has something of a sweet tooth, so this was a shocker for us both.

Truth is, I’ve heard this before from people who have totally cut out sweets.It seems that the more you eat sugars and carbs, the more you need them. And conversely, when you cut sugar out of your diet, (as opposed to just eating less), you stop craving them.

It’s another reason to reconsider the axiom that one should eat all things in moderation. If you’re plagued by serious sweet cravings, going totally and completely without might be much easier to manage than eating a moderate amount of sugar.

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