White Rice vs Brown Rice, Which is Healthy and Fattening?

White Rice vs Brown Rice

White Rice vs Brown Rice: I know you can’t escape from eating rice, at least for 3 days. Whether at a gathering or ceremony, it always makes the list of menu guests can request.

As you are trying to lose weight and eat healthily, you could be bothered if rice is healthy or fattening. There are many ways to examine and conclude but let’s start with how rice is being produced.

How rice is being processed

Rice is well cultivated on marshy or wetland. Upon growth to maturity stage, it is ready for harvest. At this stage, rice composes of different layers such as husk (hull), bran, the white layer (kernel), and germ.

How rice is being processed

It will go through mechanical milling and processing to remove unwanted substances; this is where the husk is removed.

In the past, the husk serves no benefit than to protect the grain while growing. Presently, it has been discovered rice husk serves as a great source of dietary fiber, especially for diets that are deficient.

Fiber has many health benefits such as:

  1. It reduces the risk of obesity and overweight. This makes it an indicator of weight loss.
  2. Fiber reduces risk to type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and colon cancer.
  3. It helps in regulating gastrointestinal, which reduces constipation, thereby making your bowel movement easier and keeping your intestine clean.
brown rice

Fiber that serves as enormous health benefits has been regarded as an unwanted substance to be removed.

By the time the husk is removed, you’ll be left with the bran layer. This is usually brown in color and popularly called brown rice. Apart from brown color, others can be black, red or golden in color. I’ve come across black rice before, they’re all wholesome rice grains to eat and lose weight.

Some millers go further with the production processing by removing the bran layer. They attributed this to the problem of long-term storage.

And this is the stage you get polished white rice because it bran layer has been removed.

That’s how the rice you seem to eat get manufactured. They strip the beneficial nutrients, thereby converting it to low-quality white rice.

The bran layer removed contains a great amount of dietary fiber like the husk layer that has been discovered but still in research as a form of edible cereal food.

Apart from the dietary fiber, the bran layer contains abundant nutrients; they’re rich in vitamins and minerals that are essential to the effectiveness of weight loss and your overall health.

Nutritive Value of Rice Bran (Brown rice) and White rice

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Brown Rice White Rice
Calcium 67.3mg (7%) 15.8mg (2%)
Calorie [Based on the recommended daily value (DV) in percentage] 373 (19%) 205 (10%)
Carbohydrate 138 185
Carbohydrate [% DV] 58.6g (20%) 44.5g (15%)
Choline 38.0mg 3.3mg
Copper 0.9mg (43%) 0.1mg (5%)
Dietary Fiber 24.8g (99%) 0.6g (3%)
Fat 206 3.7
Fats & Fatty Acids [% DV] 24.6g (38%) 0.4g (1%)
Folate 74.3mcg (19%) 91.6mcg (23%)
Iron 21.9mg (122%) 1.9mg (11%)
Magnesium 1979mg (198%) 19.0mg (5%)
Manganese 16.8mg (838%) 0.7mg (37%)
Minerals [% DV]
Monounsaturated Fat 8.9g 0.1g
Niacin 40.1mg (201%) 2.3mg (12%)
Pantothenic Acid 8.7mg (87%) 0.6mg (6%)
Phosphorus 1979mg (198%) 68.0mg (7%)
Polyunsaturated Fat 8.8g 0.1g
Potassium 1753mg (50%) 55.3mg (2%)
Protein 28.7 16.2
Protein & Amino Acids [% DV] 15.8g (32%) 4.2g (8%)
Riboflavin 0.3mg (20%) 0.0mg (1%)
Saturated Fat 4.9g (25%) 0.1g (1%)
Selenium 18.4mcg (26%) 11.9mcg (17%)
Sodium 5.9mg (0% 1.6mg (0%)
Thiamin 3.2mg (217%) 0.3mg (17%)
Total Omega-3 fatty acids 373mg 20.5mg
Total Omega-6 fatty acids 8428mg 98.0mg
Vitamin B 120.0mcg (0%) 0.0mcg (0%)
Vitamin B6 4.8mg (240%) 0.1mg (7%)
Vitamin E (Alpha Tocopherol) 5.8mg (29%) 0.1mg (0%)
Vitamin K 2.2mcg (3%) 0.0mcg (0%)
Vitamins [% DV]
Zinc 7.1mg (48%) 0.8mg (5%)

This table is based on 118 g and 158 g which makes 1 cup, both for brown and white rice respectively.

From the nutrition table, brown rice is richer in dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals; healthy fat and protein.

In addition, based on recommended daily nutrition, brown rice will give you 99% dietary fiber. This is really huge compared to other food and snacks you will have for the day. That means you will never lack in basic nutrients for maintenance and wellness of your body.

Also, the recommended daily value for healthy fat, vitamin and minerals are in great amount as well.

When you compare brown rice nutrition analysis table to white rice, you will observe its dietary fiber content is low. About 0.6 g which gives only 3% of what has been recommended to eat daily.

White rice is low in vitamins and minerals. These are essential micronutrients that help increase your metabolism and makes weight loss effective.

Likewise, its fat and protein content is low when compared to brown rice that’s rich in both and you need all these nutrients to lose weight effectively.

Even though both nutrition analyses are based on 1 cup, of course, you won’t be eating 1 cup per meal but, ½ or ¼ cup.

With your hindsight and calculation, you can gauge the degree of nutrients you will be getting per meal with low-calorie when you eat brown rice.

Which Rice is Healthier or Fattening?

Now, you should have the answer to the type of rice that is either healthier or fattening.

Brown and white rice contain almost an equal amount of carbohydrates and calories. In fact, brown rice has more calories.

But, when you eat brown rice, it breaks down slowly in your body, due to its rich fiber content and nutrients.

The digestive and absorption process makes it impossible to increase your blood sugar (glucose) suddenly, which can lead to storing the excess glucose as fat, especially, if you have the fat genes.

This is exactly what the polish white rice does because it lacks essential nutrients and dietary fiber.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the victim: the polish white rice is the victim that makes get fattening unnecessary and keep you unhealthy.

You’ve got to thought about quitting eating white rice.

In Summary

Whole-grain brown rice is not fattening but healthier. It’s the refined and over processed polished white rice that’s fattening.

You have understood their differences in nutrition value and the effects on your quest to lose weight. Now, the choice is yours.

Whenever you want to buy rice for home cooking, to eat at a restaurant, parties, and ceremonies; always demand brown rice.

Brown rice or nothing.

You will feel full, energized and alright for a longer time. This makes you eat less or moderately which limit your ability to add unnecessary calories you won’t be able to burn through physical activities for the day compared to white rice.

Though brown rice is relatively costly currently in my country than white rice, the difference in price is not much.

Besides, its enormous health benefits should motivate you to spend that money. Like the saying goes, eat what is good for you.

Truly, brown rice is the real deal.

So, that is it. Let me know what you think or if you have an idea we can all benefit, share it at the comment section.

Some have complained of the smell and taste (brown rice). For me, anyhow I prepare or is being prepared, I’m enjoying it.

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